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The son of french pioneer in cosmetic surgery, Jean-Daniel Mondin decided to use his pharmaceutical training to develop cosmetic products to promote skin healing and regeneration. These high-tech formulas, formaly used by his father for cosmetic surgery, are now avalible to expert beauty professionals. 

For 30 years, Mary Cohr beauty therapists have kept their promises, providing women with the most effective treatments with active ingrediants chosen from the heart of nature. Formulars are created without MGO extracts, ensuring that the products are in perfect affinity and optimally compatible with the skin.

Mary Cohr has created beauty care products with active ingrediants chosen from the heart of nature which nourish the skin with only the best and most active botanical substances. 

Known as 'Natures laboratory', Mary Corh select only the finest Vitamins, Plant extracts, and essentials oils to enable even the most demanding skin to recover life, energy and radiance. 

The exceptional beneficial and stimulating properties of Essential oils have been used to treat mankind for thousands of years. Essential oils capture their energising power from the sunshine and inherit the treating capabilities of the plants from which they are derived. 

Mary Cohr treatments are much more than traditional beauty care treatments, they are unique and revolutionary. From the deep cleansing radiance of the 'CatioVital' to the energising essence of the 'Beaute Aromatique' there is a treatment to suit every skin type and lifestyle...even the most demanding.

Mary cohr.... Natures laboratory for professional aromatherapy.